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“I Will Remember” B.E. Taylor Christmas

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Thursday, December 21, 2017 at 7:30pm


For 19 years, The B.E. Taylor Christmas Concert wowed audiences throughout the Midwest. B.E. Taylor Christmas is where the faithful came year after year to feel the love of Christmas. Inside some of the most revered concert halls in America, B.E. Taylor transformed old favorites through bold interpretations to create new traditions that will live in the heart as long as Christmas is celebrated. Each year, a band of brothers filled the silent nights of December with harmony, music and love. This year, that band of brothers return to share a universal voice and celebrate God’s greatest gift. Over the years, B.E. Taylor became Christmas…it’s where memories were created…rediscovered…renewed. This year, help us celebrate the life of the man who made us feel the love of Christmas…like a child. When purchasing tickets please note: The seats are numbered left to right 1 through the highest number as if you were facing the section you wish to purchase tickets in.