at the Capitol

At the Capitol Theatre, we vow to provide you with the utmost in support and resources to both the couple and wedding planners to make your wedding day a spectacular day to remember.

Renting the Capitol Theatre

The Capitol Theatre is available for rent on open dates between June 15 through September 15 of each year. The Theatre rental per day is $2,500.00. This includes a 4 hour wedding, three door guards, sound equipment and operator. The rental also includes the use of the ballroom, on-site coordinator, move-in at 7:00am and move out at midnight. Personalized seat plaquer inside the Capitol Theatre with name and wedding date.  When renting the Theatre 2 stagehands are required the entire time the stage is in use, approximate cost is $300.00 based on four hours.

*Any bill over $750.00 has a 3% up charge when using a credit card.

Renting the Ballroom

The Ballroom is $750.00 per day if rented by itself. A $2.50 per head catering fee in the ballroom includes on-site coordinator, tables and chairs, set-up and tear down of table and chairs, use of kitchen, utilities, move-in at 7:00 am and move out at midnight, one door guard for four hours. Bartenders are $15.00 an hour (minimum four hour per bartender charge). For receptions that go over four hours, the rent will be $50.00 dollars each additional hour (includes door guard and bartenders).


Decorators are required to follow all rules and regulations of the Theatre and the Ballroom not defacing any surfaces by use of nails, tacks, tape, or other materials. The decorator must comply with hours of access as per the renter’s agreement. The decorator must meet with an agent of the Ballroom in advance of the event. Proof of Insurance is required if using a ladder or hanging anything from above.


You must select a caterer from the approved list of Ballroom caterers.  The Caterer is responsible for table coverings, china, silverware, providing, preparing and serving all food, cutting the cake, busing the tables, bagging trash and disposing of all unconsumed food and supplies. The Caterer needs to have a current business licence, liability insurance and meet all Health Department Regulations. Client, Caterer and Ballroom must have catering agreement signed at least 15 days prior to the event. There is a catering fee of $2.50 per person.


The date is not officially reserved until a non-refundable deposit of $750.00 is received. 15 days in advance of the event, a payment of 50% of the estimated total charge is due. The balance of estimated charges is due 72 hours prior to the event. Seven days out from your event if the ballroom is available you may decorate the day before for $250.00.  Any bill over $750.00 has a 3% upcharge when using a credit card.



Capitol Theatre Bar Costs

Service A Non-Alcoholic Beverages Only

Includes: Soft drinks (Coke products), ice tea, ice, plastic cups,and napkins.
Option 1 Flate Rate (per person per hour; paid by guest)
$3.00 for first hour and $1.50 per hour for each additional hour
Option 2 Cash Bar (per drink paid by host at time of purchase)
$1.50 per drink

Service B Beer, Wine, & Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Includes: Choice of keg or bottled beer, house brand wines, soft drinks (Coke products), ice, plastic cups, stirrers, and napkins.
Option 1 Flat Rate $5.50 for first hour and $2.50 for each additional hour
Option 2 Cash Bar $1.50 for soft drinks, $4.00 for beer and wine.

Service C Full Bar Service Includes:

Liquor, mixes, garnishes, choice of bottled or keg beer, house brand wines, soft drinks (Coke products), ice, plastic cups, stirrers, and napkins.
Option 1 Flat Rate $7.00 for the first hour and $3.75 for each additional hour, $1.00 more per hour for top shelf.
Option 2 $1.50 for soft drinks, $4.00 for beer and wine, and $5.00 for mixed drinks (house brands). Top shelf brands are available at $6.00 each


Special Note: Our staff reserves the right to deny the consumption of alcohol to anyone due to intoxication that may lead to inappropiate behavior. There will be no shots served with the exception of the bridal dance.

optional rentals

Linens  Tables $10.00  –   Napkins $1.00 – Table Skirting $5.00

Place settings $2.75 per seat
Includes; dinner plate, salad plate, silverware, water glass and salt and pepper shakers

PA System $150.00

Video Projector & Screen $25.00

Coffee And Tea  $50.00

approved caterers

Undos of Wheeling (304) 233-5566

Generations (304) 232-7917

TA (304) 280-1617

As you Like It (304) 242-2811

The Alpha (304) 242-1090

River City (304) 233.4555

Ruttenbucks (304) 909-0101

Rocco Basil (304) 281-4751

Whisk (304) 905-9129


There is off street parking as well as parking at the 10th Street Garage.  It is operated by Anthony Wayne Corporation (304) 232.5950

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